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Sleep 02:18
Time better spent would be lying on my bed blissfully free of shallow lyrics in my head ‘cause on that stage you look so beautiful but you’re a fucking liar So my thoughts fall on my coat behind a 90 person line and I’m half a mind to throw this beer right in your fucking face. But I won’t let you have the satisfaction. ‘Cause the attention is all that you want. It’s all that you want. So I just hope to wake up and find that I forgot every word.
Words 02:34
Try and try again Try to attach some meaning to everything Facts are flirting with fiction and clouds are forming above your head Will they ever dissipate? There’s no difference between what I say and what I mean Don’t put your words in my mouth Try to concentrate Keeping your eyes squinted on your tilted head Disregard the words. As you only read between the lines and se nothing try not to be dissapointed.
Weird 01:23
Why, oh why are you staring at the ground? Why, oh why are you not making a sound? Everyone keeps telling me that all I need to do is participate Why, oh why are you staying at home When you said, you said you wanted to go? Everyone I know is somehow always disappointed in me. I’m uncomfortable I’m staying in the dark
Woof 01:58
Grind my teeth down to the gums What have I become? Still searching for my bones All I find is mush You can listen for my call You’ll hear nothing I’m just rotting within, just rotting without I’ll never let anything matter I’m better of this way I’ll just sit here and get fatter Snacking on my fingernails You can keep searching for a cause I’ll give you nothing I’m just rotting within, just rotting without I lost the war against my couch
Road 03:29
There are things that we should leave and just let be But when I look back I cannot help but feel there is a way things we’ve yet to say So here’s an awkward smile to fit the mood tonight Time moves slow when all you want is for the night to end Praying for a drink the universe won’t bring All hope seems dead and gone but I hope I’m wrong The road between you and me I want to restore it, help me restore it


Recorded live in Dead Rat Studio


released June 8, 2018

Produced and mixed by Jacob Bredahl and mastered by Brad Boatright.

Can be purchased on vinyl from:
UK: disconnectdisconnectrecords.bandcamp.com/album/woof
US: hiddenhomerecords.bandcamp.com/album/hhr021-woof
EU: www.beardedpunk.com/pr…/617690-forever-unclean-woof-7
AUS: www.peerecords.com/site/product/pv019/

Instagram @foreveruncleanband
Twitter @uncleanforever


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Forever Unclean! Copenhagen, Denmark

Pop Skate Indie Punk trio from Copenhagen.

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